Atlantic Coast Dental Research Clinic

I spent yesterday at the Atlantic Coast Dental Research Clinic down in Lake Worth. In May 2009 I graduated from the Implant Training Program under Dr. Robert Miller, which is a three year program; I am now the senior resident.

It was a great day in that we are working on helping an 80 year old patient who is very healthy and active covert his one and a half year old denture into an implant supported prosthesis.  He has had self esteem problems in wearing a denture and misses the good taste of food.  An initial cone beam 3D x-ray showed that he had just enough jawbone left to place implants.  We were able to duplicate his denture with barium teeth and we will now be able to rescan him with his denture in.  This will allow us to be able to treatment plan for the best placement of implants to give a stable, long lasting and esthetic result.  This is state of the art in diagnosis and treatment planning that leads to the finest results.  If all goes well, we will be starting his treatment in a few months.

 The comradery at the Research Clinic is wonderful. There is an interesting mix of volunteer instructors with over 100 years of implant experience and 30 practicing dentists eager to learn. 

 – Dr. Chris Edwards


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