Dental Economics

Dental Economics

While the economy languishes and the results of the latest health care legislation are yet to be resolved, it’s easy to put things that don’t hurt on the side. There is an old saying, ‘if it don’t hurt, don’t fix it’. The only problem with that, is that it is not always in your best interest. In your mouth, things may appear to be well and good if there is no pain.  But often when it starts to hurt, it’s too late. You may have a clue of a problem developing, if when you are brushing and flossing your teeth you spit out some blood. That is a sure indication of periodontal inflammation.

Dental care is a necessity, which many are putting on the back burner as they find themselves forced to relinquish certain services. But, what people often forget is that the need for dental care is just as critical as the need for health care services. In the midst of this challenging economy, purse strings are tightening and a number of expenditures, seemingly unimportant, are getting tossed out the door. While this is understandable in the case of extraneous expenses, some services are not luxuries – they are necessities.

Neglecting to seek preventive dental services is not only putting your dental health at risk, it’s putting your physical health on the line as well. Bleeding, or infections may seem mere inconveniences at first, but once they spread inward from the mouth to other regions of the body, they can complicate health issues.  If you’re trying to cut down on expenses by not having routine dental exams and cleanings, those savings will never amount to what you’ll eventually spend in bills when you have to receive advanced dental care later on.

Daily brushing and flossing, watching what you eat and regular preventive dental visits are the most economical way to maintain oral health. Tooth pain, is usually resulting from decay that was not picked up when it was small, or from cracked teeth resulting from large or improperly made fillings. Amalgam fillings have an approximate life span of ten years. An improper bite, or just wear and tear creates stress on the fragile walls of a filled tooth and they crack. Your choices then are ignoring the situation, which most times will eventually result in pain and expense. A crown can save a tooth from a root canal or extraction and the consequences.

In our recent slow economy, we are seeing more patients who have to tighten their belts when it comes to their health care expenditures. Our concern is that patients believe that if nothing is causing them pain, then nothing is wrong with their health. As dental professionals and health advocates, we are aware that just because there is no pain, this fact doesn’t preclude the presence of disease. Periodontal disease has long been described as silent, and with the recent research showing definitive links between periodontal and coronary artery disease and stroke, and periodontal disease and uncontrolled blood sugar in diabetics, it is evident that education of the general public is even more crucial. Eliminating or reducing dental care from one’s budget is like eliminating healthy eating and exercise from our cardiovascular health efforts. Even when we feel no symptoms, the effects on our body are there, and can create a much more significant impact on both our bodies and our bank accounts if left unchecked.

The goal in preventive dentistry is to prevent decay and periodontal problems. Here at Smile Design Center you are given the most thorough examination that most have ever had. A video tour of your mouth is given and an explanation of the exam is clearly presented. In doing this, patients leave the office knowing the current situation in their mouth. A follow up appointment is made where the findings are clearly spelled out. Together with the staff, you create a plan that works for your needs. Treatment is divided into necessity and affordability and can often be phased.

Here at Smile Design Center we work with you to educate you as to the condition of your mouth. In every circumstance, our goal is to solve problems while they are small so they don’t create further expensive treatments. One of the newest technologies we have is one-visit ceramic restorations that when properly done can last a lifetime. They are non-metallic, extremely esthetic and considered an optimal restoration.

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